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Arc'teryx: Light weight warmth through science

Arc'teryx, or ark-terix as it should be pronounced, is a company specializing in quality wear based on research, design, and high quality materials.

First Glance

Looking over the inventory, it appears to be geared toward the rugged outdoorsman or someone exposed to the elements by trade. Oh, and there's a terrible sticker shock when looking at the price of items to be aware of that.

Arc'teryx Veilance is a new line rolled out to target menswear in a more streamlined fit market where form is equally important as function (read, slimmed down versions that still perform exceptionally well in cold weather). I love that concept. The line includes several $200 shirts, and $1,600 jackets. Surprisingly, not much description on the $200 long sleeved shirt aside of listing from what type of wool it is fashioned.


I love trends as much as the next guy. Still, I only go in for ones that are about function (which Arc'teryx is a leader in, apparently). Still, I'm not running out to clear their shelves. If fashion was more important to me, the Veilance line would totally be something I'd pursue. If being outdoors throughout the day was my thing, I'd consider their primary product line. But being the guy who walks the dogs, dashes to the car (or the occasional train) to get to where I want to go, this just doesn't resonate for me.

h/t to Jacob Gallagher at Wall Street Journal for this topic.

P.S., here's a cool video I found discussing why to choose Arc'teryx from apparently their company.


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