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Low Sodium Diet Alternatives Can Be Fun

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So, I recently went to see my family physician and she read me the riot act about my lack of care with choosing foods low in sodium! My entire adult life I concerned myself with carbohydrates, calories, fat content, etc, but I never was concerned with sodium. It took some doing, but now I understand that a low sodium diet (especially for someone with hypertension) is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some highlights:

  • Ensuring vegetables are 1/2 of your plate at meal time
  • Using a 9 inch plate to plan out meals
  • Portion of protein should be a little more than 1/4 of your plate, approximately the size of your fist
  • Read labels: surprisingly, things like breads and other starchs can be dangerously high in sodium

I have been researching for options for low sodium foods and I've made two so far. One was for a low sodium meatloaf, which came out great. Pro tip: I like to make meatloaf in small single serve pans I found on Amazon (see to the right). Makes meal prep that much easier, and packing lunchs a snap. The recipe linked here includes saute carrots, onions and celery to boost the fillingness of this recipe without adding sodium to the mix. My family and I really enjoyed it.


The next low sodium recipe I intend to try out tonight is a low sodium alternative to a canned sauce used for Sloppy Joe's. This recipe includes dried mustard, which I had to run out to grab from the store because I've just never needed it before. Check out the recipe for this low sodium mix for making Sloppy Joes's.

Have any suggestions for low sodium foods? Leave them in the comments!

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So, I recently went to see my family physician and she read me the riot act about my...

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