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dachshund pics, life lesson and rants

Wall Street Journal's Style & Fashion last week discussed functional fashion winter wear. It was a big spotlight on Arc'teryx Veilance. I knew nothing about Arc'teryx, let alone this new line. First step? Learning how to pronounce it! More after the jump.

Gus and Gert getting potty training.

I decided to order "potty bells", bells you place at the front door for your dog to ring when he/she wants to go outside. Great for apartment dwellers. Read on for more.

Gus tried on his brand-new blue sweater. It's really cute. More after the jump.

Townhouses for rent in Northern Virginia DC Area

The proposed solution increases my commute overall, but is that worth the reduced rent? Also, lets take into consideration the expenses necessary for moving my life to a new apartment.

Glass of milk

A situation that began in May of the last school year has recently been duste

If you are like me, you get curious about the going-on around me.

sloppy joe photo

So, I recently went to see my family physician and she read me the riot act about my lack of care with choosing foods low in sodium! More after the jump about my misunderstanding of sodium, and how I learned to cope with it.

Forget what people have told you; Pokemon Go is alive and well in the DC metr